Designers Accepted

3 pommes

Abercrombie, Abercrombie and Fitch, Absorba, Alexis, Alice Kathleen +Co, Alennys, Alphabet, Amanda Remembered, A Mano, American Apparel, American Eagle, Anabelle’s Closet, Anavini, Anita G., Angel Dear, Ann Loren, Antik Batik, April Cornell, Appaman, Arc en cier, Ashton Connor, At Home, Aunt Polly, Auraluz, Austin & Ashley, Ava Loves Olli

Baby Beetle, Baby Benetton, Baby Biscotti, Baby Club Chic, Baby Luigi, Baby Lulu, Baby Nay, Baby Rhinos, Baby Soy, Baby Swank, Bah Organics, Bailey Boys, Baker & Beatrice, Banana Cabana, Banana Split, Banbury Cross, Balleto, Beanstalk, Beanstalk Originals, Beary Basic, Beau Beaux, Beaux et Belles, Beetle Juice, Bella Bliss, Bella Lillie, Be Mine, Bestever Inc., Betti Terrell, Blore Hall, Blu, Biscotti, Blue Dove, Blue Foxpaw, Blue Juniper, Bodyscope Kids, Bogs shoes, Bonds of Australia, Bonnie Jean, Bon Point, Boojue, Books to Bed, Born 4 Couture, Bow Peep, Boys ‘n Berries, Bunnies by the Bay, Burt’s Bees, Busy Bees

Cabana Life, Cabi (w), Cach Cach, Cakewalk, Calvin Klein, Candyland, Caramelo, Carolina Baby, Carriage Boutique, Casey Gray, Castles and Crowns, Catherine Rebecca, Catimini, Chambre’, Chatti Patti, Che!, Cheeky Kiki, Cherry Tree, Cheslea’s Corner, Chez Ami, Chez Belle, Chicken Noodle, Chipie, Chocolate Soup, Chooze shoes, C.I. Castro, Ciao Marco, City College, Claire and Charlie, Classic Child, Classic, Whimsy, Clauce, Claver, Clayuex, Cleo $ Dot, Coccoli, Coco BonBons, Collection Bebe, Columbia, Comfy Clothes, Concious Owl, Confetti, Corkey’s, Corky Coats, Corky’s Kids, Cornelloki, Cotton Caboodle, Cotton Colors, Cotton Kids, Cottontail Originals, Cotton Pink, Coupe Cutie, Cozy Toes, Cre, Cresent Moon Children, Crew Cuts, CR Kids, Cupcake Originals, CWD Kids, Cyrillus

d*coded, Daisies & Doodlebugs, Danang, Dani, Delaney, Designs by Beverly, Delia’s, Deux par Deux, Dibble, Dabble, Dandy, Dimples, Dinerti, DKNY, Dolce Mia, Dorissa, Duck Duck Goose, Duck Head, Ducky

E-Land, Ecco shoes, Egg Baby, The Eagle’s Eye, Elaine et Lena, Elegant Baby, Elephantito, Elizabeth McKay (w), Ella Moss, Emile et Rose, Emily Lacey, Emma Morgan, English Roses, EPK, Everbloom, Everyday Nay

Fancy Baby, Fancy Threads, Fantaisie Kids, Fast Friends, fat rat, Feather Baby, Feltman Brothers, FG4, Fingerprints Boutique, Fish, Flapdoodles, Flap Happy, Fleming Clothing, Florence Eiseman, Flowers by Zoe, Flynn & Ohara, Footmates shoes, Foxcroft (w), Frances Elizabeth, Frances Johnston, Frankie + Daisy, Fred Bare, Freckles & Kitty, Fresh Produce, Friedknit Creations, Fruigi, Funtasia Too

Gabiano, Gagou Tagou, GAP (2015 and newer), Garnet Hill, Ge’ Ge’, Georgia Grace, Giggle Moon, Girl Friends, Girly Girl, Glorimont, Glug, Good Lad, Gordon & Co., Grace and Lily’s Closet, Grandma Nes, Greggy Girl, Green Cotton, Gymboree (2015 and newer only)

Hainest & Bonner, Halabaloo, Haley & the Hount, Hannah Anderson, Hannah Banana,  Hannah Kate, Hatley, Haute Baby, Haven Girl, Hazel, Heartstrings, Heavenly Kids, Heely’s shoes, Highland, Hollister, Hollywood Baby, House of Hatten, House of Mongrel, Hudson Threads, Hug Me First

Icky Baby, Imp Originals, In between (w), Iris & Ivy, Isabel Garreton, Isobella & Chloe, Itsy Bitsy, Ivory & Moss

Jacardi, Jack & Eleanor, Jack & Lily shoes, Jack & Teddy, Jackobelle, Jacob’s Ladder, Jaffa by Oink Baby, Jak & Peppar, Janie & Jack (2015 and newer), J.Bailey, JC Collection, Jean Bourget, Jeanine Johnson, James Gunn, JEM, J Lisandra, Jelly the Pug, JoJo Designs, Johnnie B, Jolfolie shoes, Jona Michelle, Jottum, Judy Lynn, Juicy Couture, Just, Just Blanks, Just Ducky, Just Peachy, Jour Ferrier, Joules

K&L, K.C. Parker, Kanz, Karlie (w), Kashten, Kate Hill, Kate & Libby, Kate Mack, Kate Quinn Organics, Kayce Hughes, Katie & Co., Ked’s shoes, Keedo, Keen shoes, Kenneth Cole, Kelly’s Kids, Kids fly too by K Pea, Kid Cosmic, Kidorables, Kids, Kids by ME, Kissy Kissy, Kitestrings, Kitty and Katie, Kitty Casey, Kristaben, Kumquat, Kushies Baby

L’agneau D’or, L’Orange, Lacoste, La Jenns, LA Made, La Petite Rochelle, Label of Graded Goods (LOGG), Ladybug Kids, Land’s End, Laura Ashley, Lavanjinha, Lavender Blue, Lawerence & Lillian, Lemon Loves Lime, Le Cirque, Le Pink, Le Top, Levanir, Le’Za Me, Leveret, LiaMolly, Libby Lane, Life Is Good, Lili Gaufrette, Lilly Pulitzer, Lilputians, Lipstik, Lisa Anne, Little Diamonds, Little English, Little Follies, Little Mass, Little Maven, Little Mish Baby, Little Peanut Peek, Little Posh Bebe shoes, Little Threads, Liv & Monkey, Liza Jane, L.L. Bean, Lolly Wolly Doodle, London Fog, Love U Lots, Lucky Brand, Luigi, Luli & Me, Lullaby Set, Lulu & Scooter, Luna Luna, Lydia Jane, Lynley Designs


Maggie Breen, Maggie & Zoe, Magnolia Twist, Malley & Co., Mallory May, Marcia Ann, Marco & Lizzy, Marie Chantal, Marika Hahn Designs, Marimekko, Marmot, Mary James, Mary Michael, Mas, Mayoral, Max & Lulu, Me & Ko, Me Too, Mela Wilson, Merrell, Mimi & Maggie, Mimo girls, Mimo & Company, Mim Pi, Minibasix, Miniclasix, Mini Boden, Miss Grant, Mis-Tee-v-Us, Moby Goby, Mollygoggles, Molly + Millie, Molly Pop, Mom & Me, Monday’s Child, Moo Boo’s, Moschino, Mudpie, Mudpie Baby, Mudpuddles, Mulberribush, Mulberry Street, Munchkins, MunkiMunki, Mustard Pie

N-Kids, Naartie, Nano, New Potatoes, Nick Nack Patty Wack, Nicole Miller, Nike, Nimi shoes, North Face

ODCY vintage, Oeuf, Oilily, Oink baby, Olive Juice, Ollie & Bess, One Kids, Oniety, Oppomon,  Orient Expressed, Originals, Oscar de la Renta, Ositos,

PIF by americk, P&P, PA Kids, Pampolina, Papa d’ Anjo, Paper Wings, Patagonia, Patsy Aiken, Paulina Quintana, Paulinie, Peaches & Cream, Pears & Bears, Peas and Queques, Pedipeds shoes, Peek Kids, Perry Ellis Suitwear, Persnickety, Pervenche, Pete’s Partner, Petit Ami, Petit Bateau, Petit Bebe, Petite Frere, Petit Lem, Piccino Piccina, Picture Me, Pieces by Tam, Pink Chicken NY, Pink Tangerine, Pippa & Minnow, Pippin Lane, Pixie Lily, Plaid Fish, Plantation Shop, Plastisock, Played in Heaven, Pluie Pluie, Plum Pudding, Polkatots, Pollipops, Polly Flinders, Polo Ralph Lauren, Porch Children, Porky Priss, Posh Pickle, Potato Saks, Preschooligans shoes, Pretty in pink, Psketti, Puddle Jumpers shoes, Pumpkin Patch


Rabbit Moon, Rachel Riley, Ragsland, Rainbow Step Shoes, Ralph Lauren, Rare Editions, Rebecca Raggs, Red Currant Kids, The Red Wagon, REI, Remember Nguyen, Renattoni, Renzo, Replay: Sons, Right Bank Baby, Room Seven, Rosalina, Rose Cottage, Rothschild, Roxy, Royal Child, Royal Kidz, Rubbies, Ruffle Butts, Run Ruby Run

Sam and Sydney, Sarah Louise, SaraLynnTogs, Secret Wishes, See Kai Run Shoes, Serendipity Organics, Sew Blessed, Shilav, Shrimp & Grits, Silly Goose, Simple Kids, Sir John, Sister Sam, Sixth Alice, Small Treasures, Smockadots, Smocked Auctions, Smocked Frocks, Smocking Bug, Snooty Wear, Sophie Dess, Speedo, Sperry, Splendid, Spudz, Squeaker Sneakers, Squiggles by Charlie, Stacy Adams shoes, Stacy Claire Boyd, Stella Jane, Stella + Stevie, Stem Baby, Sticked & Smocked, Strasburg, Stride Rite, Studio Jantiki, Stun, Surcie, Sunshine Kids, Swaddle Designs, Swanky Baby Vintage, Sweet Angela, Sweet Beginnings, Sweet Ivy, Sweet Petunia Brown, Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Tea

Tara Collection, Tea Collection, Tenelle Kids, That Store, The Wooden Soldier, Three Mommas, Tickled Pink, Tiny Bubbas, Toff Togs,Toni Tierney, Tractor, Travelin’ Trunk, Trish Scully, Truly Me,Trumpette, Tucker & Tate, Tumbleweeds, Tuff Cookie, tutu & Lilli, Twig, Twirls & Twigs, Twirly Girl, Two Friends, TwoTurtle Doves

Uggs, Under Armour, Under the Nile

Velvet & Tweed, Vera Bradley, Victoria Kids, Vineyard Vines, Violet & Moss, Vive La Fete

Wally, Wally & Willy, Wastin’ Away, Wati, Wee Winter Woolies, Wendy Bellissimo, Wes & Willy, Widgeon, Wild Child, Willbeth, Willoughby, Willow Blossom, WishUponAStar, Wonderboy

Young Colors, Young Gallery Coats, Yo Yo

Zackali, ZaZa Couture, Zara Kids, ZU, Zuccini, Zulily, Zutano