Children’s Boutique Concierge

We are a boutique consignment sale like no other, so we have launched Children’s Boutique Concierge* services for all of our busy, savvy consigning moms!

Register by January 6, 2019 and have your items picked up, tagged, sold and remaining items delivered back to your home by our CBR hostesses. Full service all for just 50% of your sales and a tiered supply/service fee* deducted from your check. Earning more money for your boutique and designer items has never been easier!

To use our Concierge service:

  1. Consignors who wish to use this service must meet the deadline and register for the Spring 2019 sale by January 6th to be eligible. Clothing receipt must happen by  January 6, 2018.
  2. Gather your clean, boutique and designer spring and summer clothing in a bin
  3. Count your items, and be sure to give us your best - our service fee is based on the number of items our CB-C hostess processes

        0-50 items = $10 service fee

        51-75 items=$12 service fee

        76-100 items=$15 service fee

        101-150 items=$20 service fee

       151-200 items = $30 service fee

      201-300 items = $40 service fee

      301-400 items =$50 service fee 

        401-500 items =$60 service fee

       501-600 items =$70 service fee

       601-700 items =$80 service fee

       701+ items= price upon request

4. Our CBConcierge manager will deliver your unsold items back to your residence on Saturday, March 2nd post sale, unless other prior arrangements are made.

5. Check this off your list and relax!

*Why is there a service fee? We have several dedicated staff and volunteers that will be driving to and fro to make this luxe service happen. We will also being providing all of the supplies a consignor typically buys or procures themselves with traditional consigning (tags, pins, printer ink, ribbon, hangers) Any unsold items will be returned to your doorstep.