How to Tag


  • Clothing should be inspected in “natural” light.
  • Treat for stains and launder- visit our Pinterest page for tips!
  • Snap, button and tie all items
  • Iron as needed
  • Any items with stains, tears or missing buttons will be put back in your bin with a sticker pointing out the problem at sale end pick-up. If it is a minor flaw, we will add it to our very popular CBRescue Rack for a discounted price. We must maintain high quality on the sales floor to maintain our good standing and to increase your consignor sales, thank you for understanding when we cannot accept certain items.

Tagging Supplies

White Cardstock 65lb works well for our new automated/computerized tagging system

Computer and printer

Safety pins or swift tack tagger

Child sized, plastic hangers

Pricing Clothing

While there is no steadfast rule about pricing your clothing, here are some guidelines to get you started:

  • Calculate 1/3 of the original retail price
  • Decide whether you would pay that price and increase or decrease price accordingly
  • Use whole dollar amounts-$11, not $10.50
  • If it is not worth pricing at $5 or more, group like items for example-3 onesies for $8 or make outfits. We strive to provide good values on higher quality clothing. If you would not ask at least $5 for your item, please save it for another local sale
  • If you are really ready to depart with your items, price them to move! If 1/3 of your item’s retail price is $20, sell it for $15. If you want to get top dollar and don’t mind bringing it home, price it at $18 to $20
  • Our inventory is priced anywhere from $8 to $35
  • Remember to select the “Discount” code in our MCS tagging system to have your items reduced to half price on Saturday
  • Remember to select the “Donate” code in our MCS tagging system to donate your remaining items to our favorite organization, The Winston Salem Children’s Home


Tagging Clothing


 Use child-size hangers. We find this size hanger keeps the items well proportioned and they will ultimately sell better. You will eliminate the scarecrow effect. Exceptions are teen and women’s clothing. And we have to say it, “No wire hangers!” Yes to: plastic hangers, padded hangers, wooden hangers and coated hangers

Orient your hangers with the curve to the left. When you look at the clothing on the hanger, the hanger should look like a question mark.

Put your safety pin or swift tack through the printed card at the “star” spot at the top. Just one puncture through that spot, please. It makes it easier for us to remove the tags at checkout. Affix the tag to the child’s left shoulder of the garment (not straight pins-dangerous!). Tagging this way ensures that the tags are on the outside of the rack and visible to shoppers. Tip: Hang your item back in your closet. Check to make sure your tag is on the outside, as if you were in a retail store.

Be sure to put your safety pin or tack through a seam in the clothing, it not the clothing can be damaged and unsellable.

Tagging Shoes:

  1. Affix tag by running a ribbon or cable tie through the two shoes and the tag and tying them together securely. Please provide enough length to the ribbon or cable tie for trying on if necessary.
  2. Robeez style shoes can be bagged if original case is not available. The tag must be securely affixed, but able to be removed by cashiers to credit your account.