Vendor Registration

Children’s Boutique Resale-Winston Salem

Vendor Information

Thank you for interest in being a vendor with CBR, a premier boutique and designer consignment clothing sale since 2007! We pride ourselves on hosting an fine event that best serves our demographic of shoppers. We limit our vendors to one per company (ie. Only one Pampered Chef hostess is allowed per sale)

CBR will advertise your business by posting a photo and link to your website/Facebook page on our website vendor page. In addition, we will write a post about your business on our Facebook page. Both of these things will be done once the vendor contract and fee is received. You must reciprocate on your own media formats.

Registration Deadline: February 17th deadline to register, signed contract and fee must be received by CBR by February 24th

Vendor Sale dates and times:

Wednesday, March 15th (optional) from 6-8pm Platinum Preview sale time (Vendors may pay a $20 fee to shop this evening)

Holding clothing at your vending space on Wednesday evening to purchase on Thursday is NOT allowed.

Thursday,  March 16th from 6 to 8pm-vendor shopping perk at Gold preview sale

Friday, March 17th from 9am to 4pm

Saturday, March 18th  from 9am to 12pm

About the Vending Space:

Vendors will be allotted a space of approximately

1. A 4 ft x 6ft for a fee of $60


2.  A 6 x 8 space (limited spaces) for $80.

Your business display may not interfere with visibility of another vendors space. CBR reserves the right to adjust vendor space if necessary to accommodate overall space needs. Vendors are responsible for  providing: table, chairs, décor, staff, supplies (vendor sales are separate from CBR sales).


You MUST set up your space: Sunday, March 11nd from 1-7

Address: 710 Coliseum Drive, Winston Salem, NC 27106  Coliseum Park Plaza

Breakdown: Saturday, March 18th at 12:15.

Vendors must vacate the space before 4pm

If you cannot breakdown your space, CBR will do so for an additional $60-$80 fee

Register here: Vendor Registration