Simple Consigning Steps for our computerized tagging system:

  1. Register/Join here as a Consignor (you will be taken to our automated tagging system site, MCS)
  2. Click the JOIN side toolbar button to create your new account or Login to your existing account to Register for each sale by selecting a drop off apppointment
  3. Use your new username, password and consignor ID to log into your account at any time
  4. Select a DROP OFF appointment upon joining
  5. Click on VOLUNTEER side toolbar button if you wish to volunteer as well
  6. Hang, tag and price your items using this system (or use our CBConcierge tagging service)
  7. Deliver items to the sale location on indicated day, along with a BIN labeled with your ID number for sorting and return (if you have forgotten your bin, we will provide a large bag for a $5 charge)
  8. Return to sale site on Saturday between 4-5 to pickup remaining items, or indicate during registration that you will donate any unsold items to the charity of CBR’s choosing
  9. Receive a check in 14 business days for your sold consigned items.


  • Consignors earn 60% of items sold
  • Volunteer and earn 70% of items sold
  • CBConcierge users earn 50% of items sold (a tiered service fee will be deducted from your sales check)
  • Consign 25+ accepted items and you may shop our private Gold preview sale on Thursday evening
  • If you have less than 25 items to consign you may volunteer to receive 1 non-transferrable preview sale ticket
  • Practice our motto: Wear it. Love it. Pass it on!-Spread the word, distribute flyers!


If you would like to participate but don’t have time to prep your clothing, let CBR do it for you. A great value…you will receive 50% of your earnings versus 60%. A tiered service/supply fee will be deducted from your sales check.

  1. Consignors who wish to use this service must meet the deadline and register for the Spring 2019 sale by August 31st to be eligible.
  2. Gather your boutique and designer Spring and Summer clothing
  3. Count your items, and be sure to give us your best-our service fee is based on the number of items our CB-C hostess processes

Service Fees:       

1-50 items-$10 service fee

51-75 items- $12 service fee

76-100 items- $15 service fee

101-150 items- $20 service fee

151-200 items = $30 service fee

201-300 items = $40 service fee

301-400 items =$50 service fee

401-500 items =$60 service fee

501-600 items =$70 service fee

601-700 items =$80 service fee

701+ items= price upon request

4. CBConcierge manager will return your clothes to you on Saturday, October 12th late afternoon or evening unless another previous arrangement is made.

5. Sit back and relax in your freshly de-cluttered home!